RC Adventures – Muddy Tracked Semi-Truck & “BEAST” MT on the Trail

Project “HD OVERKiLL” is built using RC Adventures - Muddy Tracked Semi-Truck & BEAST MT on the Trailutilizing 6wd, 6 RC4WD Evo Predator Tracks, 4 Brushless Roc 412 Tekin motors, 3 Gensace Lipo Batteries, and Amazing Vanquish Products outfitting this rig.. there will be NO STOPPING what it can do. THiS RIG IS NOT WATERPROOF, NOR is it designed for MUD. But, who am I fooling…(said the creator of the video)  OF COURSE WE WiLL TAKE iT IN MUD!

HD OVERKiLL Weighs 21 Pounds with Batteries attached

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