Video: Trucks Collide in Fiery Wreck on I-65

The collision of two trucks near the Dolly Parton Bridge killed one person and led to a massive fire that left a steaming pile of debris on Interstate 65.

Fire crews were called to the bridge Thursday afternoon with the fire still roaring and traffic slowed to a complete stop.

Police have released no information on the wreck, other than that one person is confirmed dead. The person's name was not released.

Scanner reports soon after crews responded on scene indicated there was some kind of flammable materials in own of the trucks, perhaps barrels of oil and grease, though that information has not been confirmed by police.

Based on images from the scene, it appears one truck rear-ended the other. The front door of the first truck was open minutes after the crash, though it's unclear if the driver managed to escape before the flames broke out.

The northbound side of the bridge is expected to remain closed until Friday at the earliest. Traffic will be diverted away from the crash site.

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Video: Wild Turkey vs UPS Driver

Watch this wild turkey go on the rampage and attack a UPS driver. We think this Turkey could be working for FedEx! Without a doubt this is one of the viral videos of 2014 already.
Are FedEx recruiting attacking Turkey’s? Let us know in the comments below…

Video: Share the Love: A Tribute To Trucking

Growing up in a trucking family, I know that for some, trucking is a love/hate profession.  My dad always said he loved his job but hated being away from us, but I know there’s not another job in the world he would have ever wanted.
This video does a great job combining the love of family and the love of trucking.

Video: Truck Slams into New York Overpass

This video was recorded in Long Island, New York on Meadowbrook State Parkway.  NMA419′s video description said that he knew something was “about to happen” so he started recording.  Minutes later, the truck slammed into an overpass.
NMA419 said he pulled over to make sure the driver was okay– He was, although his ego was a little shattered.
You’re a good man, NMA419, for pulling over to check on the driver!

Video: Giant Dump Truck Takes Police on a Chase

Tales like these, no matter how old, never die. It’s something that you have to see to believe. If your in the trucking industry, especially around this kind of equipment, you’ll understand the magnitude of the situation first hand.

After stealing a 53 ton, $700,000 giant dump truck, a man took police on a wild goose chase.  Actually more like a wild elephant chase.
It’s not your typical stolen vehicle, and police officers are unable to use all their typical tactics.  The tires are too big to be affected by spike strips, and the truck is just too heavy to be pushed by the officer’s cruisers.

After chasing him for 4 hours, at 35 miles per hour, eventually the driver runs out of gas.   Obviously not a great idea to steal a giant dump truck and take officers for a ride, but his driving skills were commendable — no one was injured, he didn’t even get into an acciden

Video: Truck Goes Over Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Recovery Mission Underway

Sad news to report.
This morning, a truck plunged over the side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.
According to WAVY, response boats and crews with Navy Special Warfare Command are at the scene.  A tow line has been attached to the truck to keep it from drifting.
Battalion Chief Amy Valdez of the Virginia Beach Fire Department told WAVY that the truck went over the bridge near mile marker 15.  At this time, it is unclear what caused the accident.
Only one person was believed to have been in the truck at the time of the crash.
“The driver was heavily entangled in the truck’s wreckage underneath the water,” NBC Washington reported.
At this time, the recovery mission is still underway.
No further information is being released at this time.
This is a developing story. CDLLife will make updates as they come available.

Video: Trucker Being Called A Hero For Crashing Rig To Save Bikers

According to KOMO News, a truck driver is being called a hero after crashing his truck into a  barrier to avoid hitting two motorcyclists.

The incident occurred on Monday morning on I-5 in Seattle.

Truck driver Ashton Hoopes was driving on I-5 when a Volvo cut him off, forcing him to hit the median.

Hoopes, an Army reservist, was hauling a load of dirt when the Volvo cut him off.  He said there was nowhere for him to go– his only option was to hit the barrier or hit a pair of motorcyclists.  With no regard for his own safety, he chose to hit the barrier.

“I was like, here is my only choice, to hit Jersey barricade so I don’t hit anybody,” Hoopes told KOMO.

His truck slammed into the concrete barrier, causing it to explode into flames.

Hoopes, still worried about the bikers, kicked open the door to his mangled cab and went to look for the bikers.

He found a man nearby.  ”I was like, ‘Did you see a guy on a bike?’ He said, ‘It was me. Thank you. If you hadn’t hit the wall, I would be dead,’” Hoopes told KOMO.

Thanks to Hoopes selflessness and quick thinking, no serious injuries were reported.  Hoopes walked away from his mangled and blazing truck and only suffered a separated shoulder.

Troopers are looking for the silver Volvo involved in the incident.

Great job, driver!

Video: Bad Ass Farm Truck

If you were betting at a race and just glanced at this truck, you might not bet on it… but looks can be deceiving.  Watch it get up and go.


A one-year-old girl was thrown from a car into the path of an oncoming truck during a crash near the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The car she was in lost control and slide into the path of a semitrailer. The toddler landed just inches from the path of an oncoming truck. She was treated for head and jaw contusions on the scene of the accident, and was taken to the hospital for possible head trauma.


It’s not fast, it’s not pretty, but it’s fun as hell! Check out this awesome turbo diesel rat rod and all it’s original modifications!


The ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme was impressive, but this should be Volvo’s next ad campaign to show off the incredible machines they build. This truck driver is able to avoid a serious collision without swerving into the wrong side of the road!

Video: INSANE! Truck Nearly Toppled By High Winds

A truck in the U.S. is nearly toppled by high winds. The truck twists and wobbles but manages to stay upright.

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