Video: Giant Dump Truck Takes Police on a Chase

Tales like these, no matter how old, never die. It’s something that you have to see to believe. If your in the trucking industry, especially around this kind of equipment, you’ll understand the magnitude of the situation first hand.

After stealing a 53 ton, $700,000 giant dump truck, a man took police on a wild goose chase.  Actually more like a wild elephant chase.
It’s not your typical stolen vehicle, and police officers are unable to use all their typical tactics.  The tires are too big to be affected by spike strips, and the truck is just too heavy to be pushed by the officer’s cruisers.

After chasing him for 4 hours, at 35 miles per hour, eventually the driver runs out of gas.   Obviously not a great idea to steal a giant dump truck and take officers for a ride, but his driving skills were commendable — no one was injured, he didn’t even get into an acciden

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