Video: Trucks Collide in Fiery Wreck on I-65

The collision of two trucks near the Dolly Parton Bridge killed one person and led to a massive fire that left a steaming pile of debris on Interstate 65.

Fire crews were called to the bridge Thursday afternoon with the fire still roaring and traffic slowed to a complete stop.

Police have released no information on the wreck, other than that one person is confirmed dead. The person's name was not released.

Scanner reports soon after crews responded on scene indicated there was some kind of flammable materials in own of the trucks, perhaps barrels of oil and grease, though that information has not been confirmed by police.

Based on images from the scene, it appears one truck rear-ended the other. The front door of the first truck was open minutes after the crash, though it's unclear if the driver managed to escape before the flames broke out.

The northbound side of the bridge is expected to remain closed until Friday at the earliest. Traffic will be diverted away from the crash site.

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