Same old binge Britain: Arctic weather fails to stop drunken revellers causing chaos on streets of UK

Everyone has their own way of seeing in the New Year.
Hundreds of thousands thronged central London for the traditional firework spectacular, while simultaneous displays entertained revellers across the country.
For the vast majority that, and the company of good friends, was enough. But for too many others, the name of the game was to drink to the point of oblivion.
The Noughties will be remembered for terrorist attacks, war, recession and the continued rise of binge drinking.
The latter was all too evident on the streets of our cities as young drinkers ushered in a new decade
in the only way they seem to know.
For one, the beginning of 2010 came and went face down in a snow-covered street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Three friends unsuccessfully tried to help the paralytic woman, wearing a mini-skirt and heels, to her feet.
Elsewhere in the town, bonhomie was suspended when a man pulled off his shirt to square up to another man wearing a Santa hat.

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