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One simulator subgenre that has been around for decades and is most definitely staying is the truck sim, however these 18 wheeled hulking vehicles of steel are not only of interest to American 'truckers', and with one of the biggest truck Manufactures based in Sweden, trucks hold a huge allure across the whole of Europe, and so a licensed truck simulator for Scania sounds like the ideal game for many, we just want to say thank you to SCS Software for bringing the game to fruition.

Scania Truck Driving Simulator - The Game is more than just a simulator, in fact it has the makings of about three simulators in one, and takes part over a wide variety of different modes presented as competitive challenges where players can compete head-to-head with other truck drivers across the world, and some of the most intense driving scenarios ever seen in a simulator before
If you played and appreciated the recent SCS release Trucks & Trailers then you'll feel right at home with the Driving License challenges that gets you up to speed with the basics of truck and trailer manoeuvrability including simple tasks like breaking, reversing and attaching your trailer, to the dreaded parallel parking, do not even think that you are beyond these straightforward challenges, because you will be needing them on the road ahead.

The next portion of Scania is the competition tasks that could well be a separate game; based around the Young European Truck Driver contest that takes place annually in Södertälje, Sweden and searches for the world's best truck drivers, and so in this mode you are able to carry out a few of the tasks put to the drivers in real life and the chance to compete in the finals.

Now the pinnacle of Scania Truck sim is the Dangerous Drives portion of the game, this much like it suggests pits you and your fully loaded trailer against treacherous situations with actual dire consequences in what is literally intense truck driving. Dangerous Drives will see you driving along the narrow perilous 'death road' of Bolivia, navigating down heavily parked alleyways, traversing flooded regions and aiding earthquake relief via unstable infrastructures, in this mere mode, Scania Truck Driving Simulator manages to make the simulator genre genuinely cool.

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